TPG Founder

Donna Scherner

Founder & Media Relations Specialist

The Publicity Group (TPG) was started in 2008 by Donna Scherner. Donna's 20 years of experience as a media relations specialist laid the foundation for our firm and allowed for us to stand-out by providing a different, more positive media experiences for our clients. Because of our entrepreneurial focus, we understand business operations and client concerns. We provide budget-friendly, integrated communications programs, which are designed to help build your brand and achieve your business objectives of positive publicity.

The Publicity Group possess meaningful relationships with local, regional and national print and broadcast media, non-profit groups, industry leaders, area influencers, civic leaders, Chambers and Associations, and PR Industry Professionals. Through public relations, media outreach and networking, TPG successfully supports clients with results-oriented programs and activities that increase their exposure, connect them with area influencers and position them as industry leaders.

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